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The digital divide is the gap between those who have affordable access, skills, and support to effectively engage online and those who do not. As technology constantly evolves, the digital divide prevents equal participation and opportunity in all parts of life, disproportionately affecting those furthest behind. (National Digital Inclusion Alliance 2023)

Digital Literacy is defined as the capacity to utilize information and communication technology to access, analyse, create, and share information, which involves both cognitive and technical abilities. (National Digital Inclusion Alliance 2023)

The Commission published the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) with the overall aim to contribute to the better understanding and development of digital competence in Europe. The digital competence framework consists of 21 competences divided in the following five competence areas:

  1. Information and data literacy
  2. Communication and collaboration
  3. Digital content creation (including programming)
  4. Safety (including digital well-being and competences related to cybersecurity) and
  5. Problem solving.

European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) | Esco (

A Digital Champion can be anyone - such as colleagues, and local volunteers - who want to help others and who want to learn themselves. Crucially they offer that personal touch that changes attitudes and builds digital skills and confidence in others.

Digital Champions have the knowledge skills and attitude to enable digital and social inclusion in their community. A Digital Champion is someone who helps others to understand the benefits of being online and works with them to show them how. Digital Champions can make a big difference to people who do not have basic digital skills in their organisation and in their wider community empowering people to bank, shop, learn and communicate safely and confidently online.

Digital Champions can play a key role in help bridging the digital divide. They should provide a friendly and accessible point of contact for those who need support with understanding and using digital technology. An Cosán is here to provide support to our Get Yourself Online
campaign’s Digital Champions and access and training on our digital to tools .We also aim to improve people’s confidence to provide one to one support and/or create programmes / workshops tailored to their service user’s needs, so that they can help us to improve digital literacy skills across our community network all around Ireland.

We invite Digital Champions and community-based educators to join our Digital Inclusion Community of Practice and be an active part of our national Get Yourself Online campaign promoting and encouraging digital equity and digital inclusion for all our citizens. Communicate Collaborate, seek advice and support from your fellow community and FET colleges. Share tools, programme plans, learner and practitioner stories in our online digital literacy community of practice.